Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weather Update as of 12 June @ 7pm

ECMW Forecast for the Philippines

Based on the latest forecasting prognosis, the archipelago shall continue to experience generally fair weather. Sunny and rainy at times associated with thunderstorms should be a normal scenario throughout the forecast period. There is no suspect for tropical disturbance formation anywhere near the Philippines, however, the Pacific Ocean's high heat content remains a favorable element for possible development this season.

Elsewhere, it's going to be a rainy period for south asian countries from India and Sri Lanka extending eastward to southern Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam beginning 14 June. A tropical cyclone has also developed lingering in the Arabian Sea just west of Mumbai, India. It is forecast to be a short-lived tropical cyclone moving northwest into northwestern India in the vicinity near Diu, Gujarat.

Map Reference Update: The body of water west of Palawan, Philippines (formerly called South China Sea) will now be refered to as WEST PHILIPPINE SEA as per PAGASA memo. We shall be following this new directive in our future forecasts.

Forecast validity: up to 21 June or until there is sudden change in the forecast


SATELLITE IMAGE as of 12 June @ 3:32am

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